The Barn’s very first bride!

Looking back at Sam's Southridge wedding

When was the big day?
August 29th, 2015
Who's the guy? Fill us in on your hubby.
Jason, my husband, is the most genuine and sweet human I could ask for.  He’s far too nice for me, but it keeps me in check.  He’s the honey to my vinegar, which is good, ‘cause I love honey.  

What's the proposal story?

Jason and I took a trip to the West Coast, traveling from San Francisco to Seattle.  We spent Fourth of July in San Francisco, then rented a car to drive north.  We lucked out and got a sassy Ford Mustang Convertible for our trip up the coast. Our first stop outside of San Francisco was in wine country where we visited wineries with my uncle.  From there, with the wind in our hair, we traveled to the Redwoods and camped out at a humbling campsite with amazing trees.  We played cribbage and drank wine in our tent, sleeping on inflatable pool air mattresses.  The next day, we woke up and decided to go on a hike.  We walked for over an hour, slightly unsure about whether we would get lost and also ready with a hunting knife in case of a wildlife attack.   After seemingly feeling lost, we decided we would mark our territory amongst the redwoods by carving our initials with our knife on a recently cut tree.  Jason started, carving a heart and his initials.  I followed carving my initials as well.  I was down there carving for awhile as an “S” is particularly difficult to carve. When I turned around I found Jason on his knee with a beautiful rose gold ring, stammering the words, “Marry me, Sammy?”.  I said yes, and we giggled/cried our way through the rest of the forest.  Our trip took us to Portland, where we ate, drank beer and watched World Cup soccer. And finally, Seattle, where we watched the Twins play the Mariners, kayaked, and did an underground city tour.  Super amazing and highly recommended! Tell us about your dress, we love details! What was your shopping experience like?The dress was a strapless 2 piece and included a skirt change during the dance.  I hope to wear the top in the future for a special occasion. The shopping experience was a fun day amongst my close friends and family.  

Sam and Jason_2 (1).jpg
People still talk about how much they loved the venue and how much fun they had.

Why did you decide to get married at The Barn?
The Barn was where I spent my middle school summers babysitting—or rather chasing after—the Sandvik family children, where I held my high school graduation party, and the first place my parents met Jason, we were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. 
Not only did The Barn provide nostalgic value, but it was also the ideal outdoor venue for us.   It’s beautiful, offered flexibility in food and drink options, and it’s just a FUN place to be.  In addition, the Sandvik family is very accommodating and they know how to host a party and how to make you feel at home.  Having our wedding here was very special to me and all our guests!  It made for a heck of a party!  
How do you plan to decorate? 
Decorations for us included lots of lights, paper lanterns, and metallic accents.  To be honest, the location offers enough décor, so if I were to do it again I would stick with highlighting the natural elements of the surroundings and keep it simple. People will remember the location, not the table settings. 
What was the best wedding bargain you found?
The Barn, of course! 
Also, having my brother in law and his friend help with videography, which I didn’t plan on doing.  Some deals come at a price.  Our price?  Patience…we are still waiting on the final video editing…   
What did The Barn do for you? Did it add to the overall feel of your wedding? Did it make all your visual plans come true and then more? Tell us!
The Barn for me was the perfect location because it provided a large enough space for all our loved ones to gather, for kiddos to run around, and plenty of room for activities like dancing and bags.  The Barn added to our laid-back wedding feel and truly set the tone for the entire evening.  People still talk about how much they loved the venue and how much fun they had.  In fact, my husband’s cousin liked it so much, she booked her wedding there as well. 
Visually, you can’t beat it. A gorgeous barn, apple trees, and a beautiful valley—seems like a no brainer.

TESTIMONIAL! What's your final review? 
On our wedding day, we had over 300 people in attendance, but space wasn’t an issue here as there is more than enough room for all your guests. I loved how our guests could choose to play bags, relax inside the barn, or enjoy the views from The Barn Deck.
Speaking of the deck. Wow. The Barn Deck was able to accommodate guests to view the ceremony (by our guest’s choice, of course), offers beautiful views of the orchard valley, and is the perfect place to give speeches or to just chill out.  The Barn itself takes reusing barn wood to a whole new level and literally feels like it came out of a rustic wedding magazine. It’s just a cool, creative place to be and even a cooler place to hold a wedding.  The family knows how to host and how to host well/, and, they are a very genuine family.  You won’t be disappointed having your wedding, or any event here!  I am so happy that The Barn is available for others to book so that other couples and their loved ones can share the same amazing and authentic experience.